White Rock o seu produto de limpeza

White Rock is the essential ecological cleaning product.

It is 100% natural, to use from floor to ceiling, White Rock contains only natural and ecological materials.

It is non-toxic, phosphate – free and acid – free.

It does not attack the skin, cleaning almost every surface in your house, dissolving dirt, lime scale, oil and grease.

It is also extremely effective on every type of plastic, stainless steel, aluminium, silver, gold, copper, brass, enamel, glass, marble, stone, PVC and many others.

It is ideal for the cleaning and polishing of boats, campers, motorcycles, ceramics, tiles, washbasins, bathtubs, sinks, cooking surfaces, pots and pans, shoes, garden furniture, sport equipment.

Even burnt on food deposits come off with ease, so pans will shine like new again.

0800 331 7276

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