Why Speak Up London?

Our British Council accreditation means that we provide high quality teaching. Behind this important achievement are young, native and fully qualified teachers who everyday contribute to making our daily lessons a pleasure for our students.

Conscious of the fact that it is hard for the human brain focus more than 20 minutes, we have divided our English lessons into several parts. During each part, our students should achieve a small goal, providing them with instant gratification during their learning process.

Furthermore, in order to help every student to overcome their language issues, we prepare a personal learning plan for each one of our students in order to best tailor lessons to learners’ individual needs.

We are conscious that many people move to London with the hope of getting a better job once they have mastered English, thus we provide a career advisor service to all our students, which is free of charge, in order to help our students as best as we can to find the job of their dreams.

Moreover, every day after the lessons, we make sure that our students have fun. In order to deliver on this promise, in 2015 we will provide a unique social calendar full of events that we will organise from scratch, in order to deliver the best quality possible.

Our location and newly refurbished campus take care of the rest. Speak Up London, choose the best!

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